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Orders by phone only. Portable or "Brick versions. PowerFLARM helps avoid dangerous situations. See traffic early. PowerFLARM shows traffic before it becomes a threat. If getting too close, PowerFLARM warns reliably avoiding nuisance alarms. FLARM is the most successful collision avoidance device in GA with over 15.000 units sold in under six years. PowerFLARM detects and is detected by any FLARM-compatible device. PowerFLARM warns from aircraft with installed Mode-S or Mode-C transponders. It shows exact altitude and relative distance. It warns you in the right moment to look out and identify possibly dangerous situations PowerFLARM features an ADS-B 1090 receiver with very high range. No distraction, no false alarms. Warning technology in PowerFLARM results from years of research and development. You are only warned when its necessary. Distraction through false alarms is effectively avoided. The visual warning depiction is very intuitive and easy to interpret. It allows you to always keep focussed, even in tense situations. No collision avoidance device detects more. From paragliders to airliners. Orders by phone only

"Brick" alone $1,545

"Brick" with rectangular display $1,695

"Brick" with round butterfly display $1,845

Portable version $1,695

Product Code: POWZ18

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